Badge of the Society of the Cincinnati

Badge of thre Society of the Cincinnati

Circa late 1890s. Gold, 1.5″ x 3″. Manufactured by Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. Drop-winged eagle with sharply pointed gold wings and white enamel tail. The long neck joins a head with crest. The white legs rest on the green enameled wreath that rings the eagle’s head. Gold-edged center discs are hand-painted deep blue and show three Roman Senators at the house of the Cincinnatus, begging him to lead their armies. The white outer band is inscribed OMNIA. RELINQUIT. SERVARE. REMPUBLICAM. The reverse shows Fame with trumpet honoring the hero who drops his sword to return to farming. Band bears the inscription SOCIETAS. CINCINNATORUM. INSTITUTA. AD 1783. A gold jump ring joins the light blue, white edged ribbon (From the web site of Heritage Auctions).

The Society of the Cincinnati was a fraternal organization of officers who served during the War for Independence. It now includes their descendants. After the War of the Rebellion, badges of this and other organizations were worn on the uniform but not sanctioned by regulation until 1902. From 1905 the United states has issued campaign medals but medals such as this one are still authorized for uniform wear under certain conditions.

Used here by permission of Heritage Auctions.

Major James B. Ronan II is a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians


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