Task Organization: US Regular Army, 2 July 1863, Gettysburg, PA

“The United States Regular Infantry stood here my dear sirs and the enemy could not get through’. Gettysburg tour guide, 1886.

Order of Battle

Army of the Potomac

General Headquarters

Command of the Provost Marshall General

8th Infantry

Engineer Department

Engineer Brigade

Battalion of US Engineers

Fifth Army Corps

2nd Division (Regular Infantry Division)

1st Brigade

3rd Inf., 4th Inf., 6th Inf., 12th Inf., 14th Inf.

2nd Brigade

2nd Inf. , 7th Inf., 10th Inf., 11th Inf*, 17th Inf.
*COA of 16th Inf included. In 1866 reorg of the army the CW 11th was redesignated the 16th Inf.

Cavalry Corps

1st Division

Reserve Brigade

1st Cav., 2nd Cav., 5th Cav., 6th Cav.

Horse Artillery

2nd Brigade

Batteries of 1st Arty., 2nd Arty., 3rd Arty.

Artillery Reserve

1st Regular Brigade

Batteries of 1st Arty., 3rd Arty., 4th Arty., 5th Arty.

Major James B. Ronan II is a former member of the 2nd Cavalry and the 5th Cavalry and a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians http://www.military-historians.org/


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