19th Century U.S. Ordnance

lf 2U.S. Model 1841 Field Gun by Ames, dated 1847, with original No. 1 Field Carriage.

Bronze, smoothbore U. S. Model 1841 field gun by Ames, dated 1847 and on the original NO. 1 field carriage.  Tube is dated 1847 at the breech. Boldly marked on the right trunnion face “N. P. Ames J. W. R”. James Wolfe Ripley was the Ordnance officer who inspected this gun on 5 May 1847. The muzzle registry number is “286”, stamped at the bottom of the muzzle. The original No. 1 field carriage is stamped on the right side trunnion plate “US. Watervliet Arsenal”. Left side of the plate is stamped “No. 396” and dated “1857”. The gun is accompanied by a full complement of period gunner’s implements including two rammers and sponges, worm and trail spike.
Brass barrel, 5 feet, six inches to end of cascabel
3.75″ bore
Trunnion 3.5″ in diameter; 16″ wide from end to end of trunnions
Flat of bore inspector stamped “J.W.B. (or R) / 286”
Top of barrel marked “U.S.”
Left trunnion flat marked “1847”; right marked “N. P. AMES / FOUNDER / SPRINGFIELD / MASS.”
Wheel diameter approx. 58″ with wooden spokes, iron rims
Approx. 13 feet overall to the end of the trail


lfU.S. Model 1875 Colt Gatling Gun on Original Naval Boarding Carriage Delivered to U.S. Navy February 24, 1881.

Serial no. 293, .45 Government caliber, 24-inch barrels in bronze shroud. Pin front and adjustable, removable rear sights. Retractable aiming bar. Gun is fitted for stick magazine and/or Bruce feed. Top rear of shroud with vestige of original Gatling inscription. Serial no. 293 on right trunnion. Left trunnion marked: CAL .45. Black horizontal oscillator. All original parts marked with assembly number 30. Mounted on steel boarding carriage which is also marked with assembly number 30 and sold with original ammunition boxes. Carriage with cast iron wheels.  Numbered original barrels each with assembly number 30 and marked D.F.C (David Clark-Inspector).

lfCA633WA6U.S. Model 1883 Colt Gatling Gun and Rare Limber With Accessories.

Serial no. 342, .45-70 Government caliber, ten 32-inch barrels  contained in standard configuration brass shroud mounted with manufacturer’s plate reading: Manufd By/Colt’s Pat. F.A. Mfg. Co./Hartford, Conn. Near the breech is the circular plate reading: Gatling Gun/Patented below which is engraved: Model 1883/No. 342/Cal. 45. Shroud with 104 round Accles feed magazine with David Clark’s inspection stamp: D.F.C. Standard hardware including brass crank and steel aiming handle and elevation guide; single brass pin front sight and adjustable rear sight. Trunnion marked US. Mounted on a standard configuration U.S. Model 1886 wood and steel carriage which is a period field replacement issued for this gun and marked Watervliet Arsenal 1886 US 3.

Coutesy of Heritage Auctions, Dallas, TX.

Major James B. Ronan II is a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians http://www.military-historians.org/



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