The Nisei Regiment-442nd Infantry

ImageProxy 2

The 442nd Infantry was constituted in the Army of the United States in 1943 from citizens of the United States, of Japanese ancestry who were born in the United States.  The regiment was inactivated in 1946 and reactivated and allocated to the US Army Reserve in 1947 where it still serves. During WW II the regiment fought in Italy and Germany. The 442nd was called to duty in 1968, during the War in Vietnam and served in Iraq during the Global War on Terror. The 442nd Infantry is the only comabat arms unit in the US Army Reserve. Its colors have been decorated many times by the United States.

The coat of arms is blue and white, symbolizing infantry. A Taro leaf symbolizes Hawaii, the home of the regiment and the steamboat symbolizes the regiments organization and training in Mississippi. The crest is a minuteman, symbolizing its role in the US Army Reserve.

Major James B. Ronan II is a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians


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